Family hike at Pont des Tuves

Hike to Pont des Tuves

There are these hikes which combine sport, discovery and swimming, bringing families together for a day full of freshness. The Pont des Tuves is a bit like this little corner of unspoilt paradise that makes nature lovers and more or less experienced hikers swoon.

Straight out of a fairy tale, this ancient stone bridge embraces a lush landscape where the Siagne meets the vestiges of a rich agricultural past. A hike that will awaken the curiosities and refresh the ideas of young and old alike!

At the heart of life before

Choosing the Pont des Tuves hike means, above all, going back to the time when Hauts de Siagne was the scene of rich agricultural activity.

Witnesses to a life that has now disappeared, these remains outline the outlines of what “life before” could have been on the banks of Siagne. Along a forest trail, discover these treasures now hidden by vegetation determined to reclaim the place!

Departure from Saint-Cézaire to Siagne

The pretty village of Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne is a wonderful starting point for a hike to the Gorges de la Siagne. By strolling through its streets marked by the imprint of a well-preserved Provence, the village invites you to begin a journey through time.

First of all, stock up on water (think wide during the summer!) and supplies in the village. Then take advantage of the cool hours to take a quick walk to the viewpoint. From there, you will be able to appreciate the landscape... and the difference in altitude that will be yours in the next few hours...

It's time !

To start, go behind the church in the village square. Follow the signs which will take you to the Pont des Tuves (called Pont des Gabres on this side of the river!). You will then begin a somewhat sporty descent towards your destination (suitable for children, inaccessible to strollers).

At the junctions, follow the signs or continue to choose the paths on the right which continue to descend. You will quickly cross the Canal de la Siagne, you will then almost arrive at the Pont des Tuves!

Picnic and swimming

Built on an ancient Roman vestige, this Genoese-style stone bridge was built in 1802 to connect Saint-Cézaire to Montauroux. For many years, this mule path will also be the only passage allowing exchanges between these different municipalities.

Restored in 1978, the bridge spans the Siagne river, whose beautiful deep pools and the turquoise color of the waters invite you to take a well-deserved swim.

After the bridge, on your right, a few steps will lead you to a sublime pebble beach where picnics and sunbathing are ideal!

Some precautions

A little further to the left of the bridge, a quick investigation will reveal the entrance to a cave overlooking the river. Equipped with a flashlight or a telephone, you can explore the interior for a few meters. Enough to awaken the curiosity of young people and stimulate the imagination of children's games!

Although easier in summer than in winter, remember to bring good walking shoes and a k-way if the season requires them.

Discover the story of Siagne

After a refreshing break on the banks of Siagne, return to hiking! Returning to the bridge, choose the path that runs along the river. It will take you on the paths of the past, and will take you back in time to allow you to recreate the life of yesteryear in the valleys of Siagne.

A preserved Natura 2000 site

The entire surroundings of the Siagne are included in a Natura 2000 classified area in order to preserve the biodiversity of the site. In fact, it is strictly forbidden to access it by car, to camp there or to make a fire there.

Indeed, the river is home to many rare species of plants in Provence and some endemic animal species such as Hermann's tortoises, bats and white-clawed crayfish. But beyond the diversity of the fauna and flora, you will quickly find yourself faced with the ruins of the past.

The remains of time

As you walk a small winding and shaded path along the Siagne, you will come across vestiges which bear witness to the peasant past of the commune of Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne. Numerous ruins of mills, old shepherd's houses and residential houses bear witness to a rich agricultural past and peasant activity which made the village prosperous many years ago.

Here charcoal burners, farmers, lumberjacks carried out their tasks, taking advantage of the resources of the Siagne, the wealth of the forest and the centuries-old oaks.

Alternative routes

Although making a loop through Saint-Cézaire allows you to discover multiple landscapes, there are other paths that will allow you to access the Pont des Tuves.

However, note that a significant difference in altitude (although largely feasible) must be taken into account on each side. However, it is more moderate by Montauroux, although extremely stony.

By the Montauroux Stadium

You can access the Pont des Tuves via the Défens stadium (stadium path) in Montauroux. Once parked in the dirt car park, continue on the wide blocked path (access prohibited for cars) and enjoy a pleasant walk under the oak trees.

Arriving at a cistern, take the path on the right indicating the Pont des Tuves and begin a slightly technical descent (bring good shoes) but doable by children who are good walkers. Access to strollers is impossible. The return will be via the same path.

By the Siagne path

Known to locals, Chemin de la Siagne is now closed to cars and motor vehicles. However, you can approach the barrier and park your car there. To go down to the river, take the old path then turn off onto the path on the left, the slope of which is gentle and the route more direct.

Arriving at the bottom, take the left lane along the Siagne, you will arrive in 10 minutes on the Pont des Tuves!