Water activities in Cannes

15 water activities to try in Cannes

In the Bay of Cannes, the sea is a bit of an institution. It is coveted, adored, appreciated for its sea breeze, its sea spray and the softness of its fine sandy beaches.

While the Bay is adorned with all its summer charms, more and more leisure centers are offering extraordinary water activities. Jet-ski, kite-surf, kayak, wake board, etc. What are the popular water sports on the Côte d'Azur?

Catamaran cruise

For a day or half a day, come and flirt with the swell, sail along the steep coasts of the Var or make a stopover between the Lérins islands.

You will find different excursions departing from Cannes. Lérins Islands, Saint-Tropez, or even Monaco, these giants of the seas set sail for the most beautiful destinations on the Côte d'Azur.

Enhanced with swimming in clear waters, lunch on board, music and relaxation, these expeditions are full of relaxation and unique sensations. Reservation essential!

The sunset from the sea

What if we ended the day with a pleasant boat trip in the heart of the Bay of Cannes? Under the tender glow of the end of the day, with a glass of wine in hand, come and enjoy the sweetness of an evening at sea watching the sunset.

As a couple or family, this delicious excursion ends guided by the stars in front of the light show on the Croisette. In summer, the Pyrotechnics Festival takes place and the boat trip turns into a sumptuous sound and light show for young and old.

Rent a private boat

Whether you have your boat license or not, you will always be able to opt for motor or sail boat rental in Cannes and nearby towns.

In order to navigate in complete safety, treat yourself to the services of a captain who will be able to take you safely to your port and will show you the best spots to discover.

If you feel like it, take the opportunity to learn about navigation supervised by an experienced instructor. An ideal outdoor day to discover the secrets of the coasts in the privacy of a private outing!

Standup paddle

Standing on your board, equipped with a paddle, let yourself be guided by qualified instructors or take advantage of a free rental to discover the beauty of the shore.

Because paddle rental has become popular today, you will have no trouble finding a water sports center offering boards by the hour or half a day.

Be careful, however, to check the weather before booking, paddleboarding in swell weather is far from easy!

Scuba diving

A great classic ok, but not everyone is into scuba diving! However, the best diving schools compete for the hearts of vacationers looking for thrills for their vacation.

While beginners can learn about scuba diving, the more experienced among them can play the improvement card, combining business with pleasure.

In any case, the beauty of the coastal depths will delight divers looking for unique biodiversity.

The creeks by speed boat

If you like thrills, try the speed boat! These sharp-edged outboards offer a unique high-speed experience.

Breaking the waves, braving the sea spray, the boats take visitors to the heart of the Esterel natural park. Calanques with crystal clear waters, secret coves, mysterious caves, as many discoveries as pleasures. Don't forget your snorkeling accessories, the seabed has a lot to offer in the secret of the red rocks of the Esterel.

A jet-ski trip

A summer essential, this board sport is still a favorite on the Cannes coasts. Combining speed, technique and adrenaline, the water scooter thrills the hearts of beginners and experts alike for its ease of use and its share of fun!

Alone, as a couple or with others, jet-ski rental is one of the many aquatic activities that offer incomparable gliding sensations.

Try kite surfing

If it is not a water sport that is practiced between an ice cream and a swim, kite surfing schools offer numerous courses lasting a few days to learn how to use your equipment.

Equipped with a board and a sail, you will be able to experience the traction offered by the wind, the sensation of gliding and speed although handling all of this is far from easy. One of the most difficult nautical practices, but also the most extreme for extraordinary sensations.

Water skiing

Among the various water activities in Cannes, water skiing may seem obvious. However, this emblematic sport of nautical bases is gradually stealing the spotlight in favor of innovative water sports with great thrills.

It's too bad ! Towed by a motor boat, standing on your skis, it is not the easiest snow sport, but it is certainly one of the most technical.

Meet at the nautical centers of the Bay of Cannes!


Take to the skies, enjoy a breathtaking view of the Bay of Cannes and the Lérins Islands by treating yourself to a parasailing experience.

Alone, as a duo or with others, different options can be offered to you.

Towed by a boat at sea, the speed makes you hover above an azure sea to allow you to enjoy a breathtaking landscape. One of the best water activities in Cannes!

Getting started with Wakeboarding

Come and discover the pleasures of a still little-known board sport which has many fans on the Côte d'Azur. Pulled by a speed boat, you are invited to surf the swell.

If your water sports center offers it, try foiling! A wake board decorated with a sort of submerged plane garlic which with speed makes you gain height. Want to test? Meet at the nearest Cannes nautical area!

Confronting towed buoys

This is certainly a teenager's favorite activity. On the beach, from a pontoon, hold on to the various buoys designed to offer a dose of adrenaline to brave volunteers. An activity to absolutely enjoy with friends for guaranteed laughs!

Snorkeling on the Lérins Islands

Equipped with a mask, snorkel and fins, come and observe the seabed and the richness of its biodiversity. And to do this, nothing beats a quick trip to the Lérins Islands underwater ecomuseum!

From the seaside, you just have to swim a few meters in a secure area to reach the imposing statues which rest 5m deep. Observe the Mediterranean fish, the richness of the underwater vegetation and the impressive contrasts which color the lagoon in the most beautiful way.

Rest your mind in a kayak

We know river kayaking. But sea kayaking is much more original! In recent years, however, canoe-kayak “hikes” have found many fans.

And for good reason, it is certainly the best way for nature lovers to discover preserved coves, hidden caves and small wild paradises while enjoying a brand new tranquility and the song of the cicadas. A gentle leisure sport, ideal for family or friends!

Sea aquaparks

These leisure centers aimed mainly at children offer fun and family games based on inflatable structures at sea. Slides, climbing, balance games, everything is designed to encourage sliding and challenge the whole family. One of the most fun Cannes water activities!