Weekend in Cannes

Cannes: 2 days enjoying the city

From Cannes, we know its escapades, its excitement as well as its luxury boutiques. But although the Cannes Film Festival brings the world's jet set there in May, there reigns in this city an authentic art of living, far from the clichés sold by media folklore. You still need to know this and give yourself the means to access, for a weekend in Cannes, its flavors, its history, its heritage and earn the right to experience the sweetness of life that the natives of the region enjoy. City of Lights.

The thousand facets of Cannes

Yes, Cannes is a destination with a thousand facets, wearing a dress of rhinestones and sequins one day and vibrating to the rhythm of fishing boats another. Both brilliant and authentic, the city offers a surprising diversity of things to do and see. So ready to spend 2 days in the star city of the Côte d'Azur? Let us tell you about the city during a memorable weekend in Cannes as a couple or family!

In the footsteps of cinema stars

Impossible to miss, the city of Cannes has been the chic and glamorous emblem of international cinema since 1946, date of the 1st edition. Also, all the celebrities of the moment and world stars meet there to share the nuggets of international film production during 12 days of excitement. Want to follow in the footsteps of cinema stars? Follow us !

The unmissable Palais des Festivals

Proudly standing between the old port and the Croisette, the Palace is the ideal starting point for your expedition. Built in 1982 then renovated in 2015, each year it hosts the biggest events such as the Cannes Festival, but also the NRJ Music Awards which make it a key location in the regional economy. Come and discover its modern architecture, imagine yourself as a big screen star on the famous steps of the Palace and enjoy a pleasant walk along the beaches and the old port, bypassing the building. A captivating and unforgettable dive into the Hollywood universe.

The path of the stars

After strolling on the Georges Pompidou esplanade in front of the Palais des Festivals, come and discover the Cannes “Walk of Fame”! The Path of the Stars invites you to discover 140 casts of famous hands and signatures frozen forever in stainless steel. A surprising and unusual interlude that invites you to touch the myth with your fingertips. Actors, Hollywood stars or even celebrities, you will inevitably find traces of your favorite personalities!

The street of Antibes

From the path of the stars, take the legendary rue d'Antibes to discover the splendor of the luxury boutiques well known to Cannes life. Find the most beautiful brands as well as more accessible brands for a pleasant shopping experience. Cross paths with the city's 2 historic cinemas. Feeling a little hungry? Don't panic, the area is full of small gourmet restaurants just waiting for you. Don't hesitate to stray a little from the nerve center to also find the gourmet canteens appreciated by the locals.

The Croisette

No one will be able to escape the magnificent seaside stroll offered by the Croisette. After your meal, take the palm boulevard which connects the famous Palm Beach to the Palais des Festivals along a 2km pedestrian promenade. Cradled between the gentle Mediterranean on one side and the parade of luxury hotels and boutiques on the other, it is in fact an elegant and pleasant escape that awaits you. The famous blue chairs will invite you to contemplate, your eyes fixed on the two pearls of the Bay of Cannes, the Lérins Islands.

The beaches

After a day of walking, fill up on serenity and relaxation by enjoying a moment of relaxation on one of the fine sandy beaches of the city of Cannes. Also, many offer a waterfront restaurant service, where gastronomy rhymes with local flavors. A tasting is essential! Share a little drink in front of a romantic sunset overlooking the sea and find out: some offer their share of thrilling seaside activities in season. Enough to recharge your batteries and finish in style this day of intense discoveries about modern Cannes and displayed as it is sold to us.

Discovering historic Cannes

Market stalls, auction sales, but also the return of fishermen to the old port, it is certain, we are in the south of France. The authentic south, the true south, well known to regulars, frequented by old-timers. Far from the artifices with which the city adorns itself most of the time, Cannes hides a past, a heritage and, moreover, a culture that is much deeper than it seems. It would be a shame to miss these stories of the men who give historic Cannes its discreet charm during your weekend in Cannes.

Getaway to the old port

Start the visit with the old port and go back in time to a still little-known Cannes. If you arrive early enough, you can take advantage of the arrival of fishing boats at the dock, delivering sea bream, red mullet and other Mediterranean treasures to the Forville market. A painting that blunts the clichés and awakens our senses. The softness of the water in the early morning, the dull rumble of the fishing boats, the orders of the sailors thrown onto the quay, it would be a shame to finally leave without having tasted a few minutes of the well-honed broom of the sea workers.

The Forville market

Continue your journey to the Forville market where we find every morning since 1934 (except Mondays) the well-stocked stalls of the auction sellers. A true institution, the greatest chefs in the sector come to source their fruits, vegetables, meat and fish of high quality and local origin. All the flavors of Provence are represented there and the good-natured atmosphere reigns supreme. This is the perfect opportunity to taste the region's delicious flavors: socca, pissaladière and focaccia... You will be spoiled for choice during your weekend in Cannes!

Le Suquet

Go on your way to quickly take the streets of Suquet. There you will find a nice choice of restaurants with discreet looks but exquisite flavors. Its small, steep cobbled streets and its small village feel will make it an ideal place for your lunch.

After which, we invite you to discover the hill on which the square tower and its pine trees proudly sit, the remains of the old medieval castle. Now the Castre Museum, it houses a number of antique pieces from the Mediterranean basin. The square tower still dominates the city and offers courageous visitors the opportunity to appreciate the panorama. Finally go back down towards the port, getting lost in the oldest streets of the city.

An ice cream at Vilfeu

Passing the port again, head towards rue Bivouac Napoléon to enjoy an ice cream at the famous Vilfeu ice cream parlor. His vintage-looking shop hides the talent of a master ice cream maker whose treasures are made fresh in house. The flavor of their ice creams and the finesse of their textures also make it a unique experience that will delight young and old alike.

The marina

Returning to your hotel, walk along the marina where the most beautiful yachts on the Côte d'Azur compete. Observe the work of the stewards on board, appreciate the ever more futuristic silhouettes of the new yachts and finally end the experience on one of the city's beaches for a well-deserved rest.

See you soon in Cannes!

Your weekend in Cannes ends like this, but you can still leave having conquered the soul of the city. The one who is enriched by culture and heritage, but who also knows how to wear her dress with rhinestones and sequins to conquer the hearts of an ultimately demanding jetset. This paradox nevertheless makes all the charm of the city. Don't leave without understanding its heart. You will come back, we already know that!